Superior Shaping and Construction

Premium board shaping, construction, and finishing are key to ensuring top performance and durability in return for your investment. Jimmy Lewis boards are created using “Epoxy PVC Sandwich Construction”. See the diagram below.


Traditionally, a foam core was covered with fiberglass and resin. The creation of the Epoxy PVC Sandwich method revolutionized the weight and strength of boards. Instead of thick, heavy layers of glass alone, the shaper could then wrap the foam core with thinner layers of glass and flexible sheets of high density PVC foam. The epoxy-infused result was a lighter weight skin of PVC foam bridging a layer of glass on either side, thereby producing stronger and lighter products than fiberglass alone. Ensure peace of mind with durable Jimmy Lewis boards; fin boxes and key points are reinforced with high density PVC foam, and extra effort has been taken in design and construction to reduce weight while increasing strength.


Automotive Hand-Painted Finish

Jimmy isn’t about mass production. He’d rather make a functional work of art that riders are proud to own and care for. Every Jimmy Lewis kite, paddle, and surf board is finished with a hot coat of epoxy, primer, paint, and clear coats. The Urethane paints and graphics are applied as a car would be painted. Each layer is masked and sprayed by hand. The finishing clear coat is hand-polished to a deep shine that can only be matched by a high-end luxury car. Recent improvements in the chemical bond make this finish as durable as it is beautiful. You have to see one in person to believe it!


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